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  • Turns Heads - Gets Noticed
  • Large Face - Sun Brushed
  • Spans many occasions, casual to dress


  • Nylon case can scratch easily
  • Band feels cheap

The name Gucci signifies timeless style. With the Gucci SYNC XXL, your style and sophistication are on point.

The face is embossed with the iconic Gucci Double-G. Hard-coated mineral glass tops the brushed stainless steel and nylon 46mm case. Equipped with a Swiss quartz movement this timepiece is water resistant to 165 feet (50 m).

Sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for style but not with the SYNC XXL. This watch sits perfectly on the wrist with the signature logoed rubber strap allowing for a comfortable fit. A logoed crown completes the package. You can wear this with a suit or jeans, it fits in with today’s active man. Sleek, stylish and classy all in one sweet timepiece. The pictures just do not do this watch justice!

Key Features

Gucci Sync XXL
  • Water Resistant to 50 meters (160ft) – Good enough for simple swimming occasionally, this was definitely not meant to replace a diver watch
  • 46mm, Stainless Steel and Nylon case – Large case, with a unique nylon case that is semi-transparent, this definitely commands attention
  • Swiss quartz movement – Easily maintains accuracy
  • Large black sun-brushed dial – Stylish treatment that also makes it easy to see the hands for quick time telling
  • Date indicator – High contrast date window, easy to read

Review Details

Gucci Sync XXL Set of Four Colors

Look & Feel: 4.5/5

Eyes light up as soon as they see the Gucci Sync XXL. Especially when you have a non-standard color like red or white. People tend to notice this timepiece, as a result, questions and comments come flooding in.

Design elements of this watch shine and are true to the Gucci name and reputation, influential, innovative and progressive. As a result, this watch is so well received even at a higher price point.

The shape of the case is circular and at 46mm it is definitely on the large side of the spectrum. The Gucci Sync XXL sits a bit high off the wrist but is not uncomfortable. You might bump it a few times until you are used to its position and height.

The band is easy to adjust to virtually any size wrist and does a good job of holding the case in place. I wish they would have spent more time on the band. Although the color inlay is cool and adds to the aesthetics, the materials feel cheaper than the rest of the Sync XXL. Because of that, it ticks the quality down a notch in my eyes, since it feels cheaper than the rest of the construction.

The weight of this watch on your wrist tends to feel good and balanced. Nothing feels out of place or loose like some watches that just wobble on your wrist. Its face is a mini work of art. Three hands sweep across the the sun-brushed dial embossed with the signature Double-G.

Build Quality & Durability: 3.5/5

Gucci Sync XXL

As I stated above, the band feels a bit cheap and should have had more attention. The nylon part of the case also lowers the quality a bit because it scratches easily. However, if you are the careful type, this will not be an issue for you at all. The semi-transparent nylon part of the case is beautiful and another sweet feature of this watch.

There are very few complaints about its ability to keep time accurately. It does not have a top of the line Swiss movement so I knocked it down half a notch for that. Certainly you can debate this if you like and I would not fault you at all, but this is where I think it belongs.

Price: 4/5

The price for the Gucci Sync XXL is a little high in my opinion. But definitely not too high to really penalize it much. I feel that for the money, the band should be something of a higher quality. I also worry about the nylon part of the case a bit, but not really that much. I have to give a nod to the designers for using the brushed steel and nylon case, as far as aesthetics are concerned. It has resulted in a unique and awesome design that is a visual feast.

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