Skagen Holst Multifunction Leather Watch Review

Skagen Holst Multifunction Leather Watch Review

Reviewed Watch:

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Overall Rating:

Look & Feel

Quality & Durability



  • Polished, Scratch-resistant stainless steel case
  • Affordable price for elevated quality
  • Mineral Crystal display window


  • Night visibility features are nearly useless
  • Some complaints about the day/date feature being out of sync

The Skagen Holst Multifunction Leather Watch is a low-price masterpiece, created with simplicity and elegance in mind. Skagen has created an affordable dress watch which will fit nearly any occasion. At only 6.5 mm thick, it fits the mold of the classic dress watch but is easily adaptable to more casual situations given the styling and design.

The Skagen Holst watch really does embody the concept of "less is more". With a sleek, classic design combined with minimalist elements. Skagen has built the watch as a fashion statement, appropriate for men of all ages. Given the affordable price, quality, and fit, it would make a great addition as an accessory for your wardrobe.

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Key Features

Skagen Holst Multifunction Leather Watch
  • Supple Leather straps – the 21 mm wide calfskin leather straps are padded, making them notably comfortable. Many owners have also noted that the durability of the straps rivals that of other, more expensive watches.
  • Date and day display – the Skagen Holst watch has two extra dials that display the day of the week and the date. Not only is this super convenient but most other watches in this price range can’t compete with this feature.
  • Rose goldtone accents – a favorite style feature is the charcoal dial with rose goldtone accents which add an eye-catching dimension to this timepiece.

Review Details

Look & Feel: 4.6/5

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The Skagen Holst Multifunction Leather Watch is classically designed and a sight to behold with its sharp lines, unique charcoal face and its beautifully thin profile. At 6.5 mm thick, it rests well on the wrist without protrusion. Allowing it to work seamlessly as a nice dress watch for different outfits and occasions. The polished stainless steel case is 40 mm wide, making it a perfect fit for most men’s wrists. Skagen designers made it a point to consider the weight of the watch while designing the key elements of the Holst. With a clever combination of specifications and materials including size, thickness, and the type of strap to keep this watch really light.

The leather strap feels really comfortable on the wrist as does the smooth stainless steel back of the casing. The stainless steel buckle is easy to operate allowing for a snug fit for most wrist sizes. The contrast of the polished silver look of the buckle and the medium brown color leather straps is just right, making the watch stand out.

Build Quality & Durability: 4.4/5

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The Skagen Holst watch is built to Skagen’s exacting standards. Skagen has built a reputation over the years for making watches that are of high quality and affordable, without sacrificing durability. The Holst’s case is made of a scratch resistant stainless steel capped by a mineral crystal over the dial. The contrast between the rose gold accents and the charcoal background on the face makes it easy to tell the time at a glance.

Although this is not the most precise watch available, it is comparable to others at the same price. Having a three hand setup, you can tell time to the second when needed and the day and date feature is a welcome addition. The leather strap has a classic matte finish, not the shiny or cheap finish found on some straps. It is also padded giving the Skagen Holst a great feel and wide reaching appeal.

Price: 4.5/5

The Skagen Holst multifunction leather watch is very affordable coming in under $100. Considering the features and the quality you get with the Skagen Holst, you might be crazy to pass this piece by without taking a good look at it.

The features and affordability of this watch make it an excellent option as a gift for a loved one. Even at such a low price, Skagen did not compromise on the quality or features of the Skagen Holst.

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How Does It Compare?

Nixon Sentry A105

The Nixon Sentry A105, like the Skagen Holst, uses a stainless steel case and a quartz movement but the Nixon Sentry sports a slightly larger 42 mm case. The Sentry has a small day and date window at the three o’clock position. The strap width is 23 mm and there are over a dozen different dial/band combinations that you can choose from. The Skagen Holst only has a few variations. The Nixon Sentry is made in Japan and costs about the same as the Skagen Holst.

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Bulova 98H51

The Bulova 98H51 also features a Japanese quartz movement, is slightly thinner, and has a more classic look. Thus if you are looking for traditional clean lines and absolute simplicity, the Bulova 98H51 may be a better choice. The Bulova features a simple date window at the 3 o’clock position and a choice of two finish options. You can choose either a rose gold/brass or silver/stainless steel finish. The Bulova 98H51 is very affordable, coming in slightly cheaper than the Skagen Holst.

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Stuhrling Original Classic Ascot

This Stuhrling Original is another close competitor to the Skagen Holst. Sporting a 38 mm stainless steel case, a quartz movement, and shiny black leather straps. You will immediately notice that the straps are not as high quality as those on the Skagen Holst. With a feeling like cheap patent leather and crocodile embossing they just totally miss the mark. The Stuhrling Original also lacks a second hand, day feature, and date feature. Although this may not be considered a drawback by some. Many purists believe that a classic dress watch should not have anything that might distract from the elegance of a clean, simple, minimalist dial.

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