Daniel Wellington St Mawes 0106DW Review

Daniel Wellington St Mawes 0106DW Review

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Look & Feel

Quality & Durability



  • Imported look and feel
  • Authentic stainless steel case
  • Italian Leather band
  • Accurate quartz movement


  • No night visibility features
  • Lacks a date window
  • Some people do not appreciate the pointed strap

The Daniel Wellington St Mawes 0106DW Stainless Steel Watch manages to appeal to a broad spectrum of people, offering a classic style with clean lines that are sure to appeal to buyers looking for a traditional classy watch that doesn’t cost a fortune. The versatile eggshell white face and stainless steel case fits well in both professional and casual settings, and paired with excellent build quality, the 0106DW earned our stamp of approval. Daniel Wellington’s past holds a strong reputation for premium watches without premium prices, and the 0106DW is no exception.

Key Features

Daniel Wellington St Mawes 0106DW
  • Slim watch case (6 mm) – Makes the Daniel Wellington St Mawes lightweight and ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Oiled Italian Leather Strap – The brown strap features detailed stitching and is treated lightly with oil, making it smooth and soft while allowing it to conform to your wrist.
  • Japanese Quartz Movement – This reliable and accurate quartz movement lends itself to precision and cost savings.

Review Details

Look & Feel: 4.7/5

The Daniel Wellington St Mawes looks and feels like some watches double and triple its price. While the build quality is not top tier, as reflected by the price, what truly matters here is value. By that metric, the 0106DW comes out on top by every count. In day to day usage, the watch will hold up to just about everything you can throw at it, however, keep in mind that it should not be submerged in water.

As stated previously, the Daniel Wellington St Mawes is unique in that it carries a classy and professional look, yet it is completely suitable to be worn for a casual occasion. Pair it with a full suit or a button down, and the watch is also right at home. The main reason for this versatility is the eggshell white face of the watch. Unlike other watches with metallic and dark faces, Daniel Wellington’s unassuming offering with a subtle face won't clash with just about any outfit.

The feel of the watch is where it truly shines. If you are looking for a watch that feels balanced and comfortable, without compromising looks and costing a fortune, the Daniel Wellington St Mawes’ 20 mm padded leather strap and smooth metallic backing could be worn for hours on end.

Build Quality & Durability: 4.5/5

Although Daniel Wellington watches are extremely affordable, their brand is built on a foundation of quality and prestige. A foundation that they refuse to compromise at any price. This watch will stand up to normal wear and tear with moderate use. The Japanese quartz movement also maintains exceptional accuracy. A great feature of the Italian leather band is that over time, it will conform to your wrist perfectly. Also, the normal wear and tear of use, ages the band tastefully giving the St Mawes more character over time.

Keep in mind that the Daniel Wellington St Mawes is built around quality and value. Given the price point, there is no way that it can compete in the quality arena against watches many hundreds or even thousands of dollars more expensive. Therefore, do not expect this watch to last for decades with heavy use. Considering the value though you can’t go wrong.

Price: 4.8/5

It is incredibly impressive how Daniel Wellington manages to include high-cost features and looks without the high cost. With an entry-level price geared towards a budget-conscious market, you likely can't find a better value if you tried. There are watch brands that inflate prices and deflate quality; here, DW manages to do the opposite in a tasteful manner that makes the watch an excellent choice for a beginning watch connoisseur or a young professional.

How Does It Compare?

Bulova 98H51

The Daniel Wellington St Mawes 0106DW and the Bulova 98H51 are incredibly similar in look, quality, as well as price. However, the 0106DW will likely appeal to the buyer who is looking for a more versatile watch that is also a little easier on the budget. While the Bulova 98H51 may not be quite as adaptable as the Daniel Wellington St Mawes, it is a bit dressier and may be more suitable for buyers looking for a strictly professional looking watch.

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Steinhausen Classic Burgdorf S0522

Steinhausen’s S0522 matches the Daniel Wellington St Mawes 0106DW’s versatile looks, however, buyers wanting a date window are likely to go with the Steinhausen. Although the Steinhausen S0522 is more expensive than the St Mawes, the S0522 is created by a company with a rich history and strong reputation. However, a budget-conscious buyer may find that the date window is a negligible additional feature, and opt for Daniel Wellington’s more wallet-friendly option.

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